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It is just there, you just need to use it

Just imagine you want to build a document, or a proposal where most of the content already there in other documents, how you go about it.

What if this is a complex proposal that you are creating, and you really want that cover letter – with some modifications – company introduction, that product write-up, project which you have done before (an update list) and so on.

What would you do? are you going to start copying and pasting from different sources and the reformatting your document?

Look no further and view this video

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The Scale and the NIB

If you made a choice not to decide, you have made a decision, and if you decide not to choose you have made your choice.

Give me a wild guess,

how many decisions you think that everyone of you makes every day.

Decisions are made every day, and are made up of choices, it could be choosing between two or more things, choosing yes and no, take it or leave it, save it or throw it, bury it or burn it…

In business we built spreadsheets to make decisions, however in life, we decide using absolutely no ink.

What if you were hypothetically asked to spend a 100,000 USD and you were to choose between two things

1. Spending the money on a new car
2. Paying the tuition fees for a student living somewhere you don’t know and you might not even meet.

For most of us, spending the money on a new car would be the right decision, it could be right, but is it the right decision.

Dahir, a woman from Somalia, kissmaou, she haven’t had any money to take her 8 children to a refuge camp, one of her relatives had given her enough money for four people, she knew that she cannot send her children to the camp alone, and if they stayed home they will die, she had to pick 3 children and take them away…
A group of children were playing near two railway tracks, one still in use while the other was disused.
Only one child played on the disused track, the rest on the operational track.

The train came, and you were just beside the track interchange.

What will you do,

Will you make the train change its course to the disused track and save most of the kids.

That would also mean the lone child playing by the disused track would be sacrificed. The same child who decided to play on disused safe track, not on the operational one.

Or… would you rather let the train go its way?

Are we capable of taking the right decision at that very moment, and if taken, would it be the right decision!

What if you choose to divert the course of the train and sacrifice that only one child ?

what if the track that was put in disuse is defected or seriously unsafe and by taking that decision you would have sacrificed all those on the train, by trying to save this group of children.

Tough decision, do you regret you have chosen to come and live in Qatar, to marry that woman, to buy that car, to be a contestant.

What do you think we are doing when taking decisions, plain and simple: we are making choices.

What makes a man!
What makes a community!
What makes earth livable by human
It is the SCALE we use to weigh things…

Some nations have taught their people to take their choices and back it up with relations to their faith.

Other nations taught them how to base it on science and knowledge.

And other nations have used mix of attitudes, values and moral conditions.

Statistics made have uncovered that a matured man makes about 35,000 decisions per day. At cornell university they have estimated that a normal man would make 221 food decisions a day, stating from selecting the fork to use, the side of table to sit on, to the amount of salt one would add to his food.

don’t you think making decisions deserves a SCALE of its own, a scale where you can weight:

1. **S**ufficiency, to indicate the sufficiency of money, knowledge, wealth, health, ego.
2. **C**onsciousness is about the awareness and personal or collective identity, including intellect, skills, mind and well being of senses.
3. **A**ptitude about how does the to be chosen or compared to is going to effect my ability to take further decisions on the future, is it going to hold you from such or it is going to give you more choices, better choices and support.
4. **L**ife is about how does your decision affects, progeny, descendants, family and future of the nation.
5. **E**thics: would whatever you choose be inline with you beliefs, religion, ideology, value system and ethics.

This SCALE is as old as the human race, and with such old SCALE there is a NIB that is used for measurement .
* **N**ecessity
* **I**ndispensability
* **B**etterment

Weight your choices against the SCALE, favor Indispensability over necessity and betterment, and remember: if it is popular it does not mean it is right and if it right it might not be that popular.

Decisions affects one’s mind, soul, heart, body, future, surrounding and his connection to humanity, when taking decisions looks at whats you should not miss, then look for what’s important and lastly look for what make things better.

Fellow toastmasters, as leaders, aim always to choose the right thing rather than choosing right things…




True Woman

It is been said that when God created Adam (peace be upon him), He created Eve from Adam’s rib while he was sleeping because when men feel pain when they are awake, they tend to hate the cause. God created her from the rib because nothing protects the heart more than the rib.

As a man past 40, with much experience, one who has fallen down and gotten back up for years, until I mastered the art of falling and rising, I asked whether I was able to stand up after falling while trying to discover what makes a true woman. In my humble opinion, a true woman does not need perfume to smell good because you can smell her perfume by looking at her smile. A true woman does not need make-up to look good; her smile opens doors to the heart, and when accepted in full, her beauty shines whether she is old or young, regardless of skin color, and whether her hands are manicured or not.

People see that she reflects inner peace, love, spirit, and joy. She is an expert at reflecting herself on those around her. Even though a true woman is true in her own unique way, she is always at her best when she is in her own world. A true woman does not need anyone to tell her that she is true, but she needs someone to help her find herself and move forward, to show her the light. The ultimate woman is the one who believes that a woman is not just a word, an alias for feminism, not just the way the world describes her.

Your woman is your guardian angel. We are all filled with feelings, thoughts, ideas, issues, and problems, and those who live with us or care about us, they only know what they see from us or from what we tell them, especially our women. Have we ever told them our secrets, shared with them our true feelings? We might have done that, but did we do that properly, and with nobility?

If we were to put some rules on a successful relationship between men and women, the top of the list would be RESPECT. It does not matter how the woman relates to you—RESPECT is the currency in a nation of quality individuals, and what is better than a quality individual?

Women tend to exercise “veto power”; so does my wife, and everyone’s wife in this room—do you agree? Have you ever considered that instead fighting this power, you should live with it and handle it with care? After all, women are fragile. What is the weapon you need to live with this exercise? RESPECT—no more, no less. The veto power that women use is a representation of her need for attention.

Women need attention; they are greedy for it, and the more you give them, the more they are attracted to you. Giving your woman attention does not mean attention to what she says. It is more about paying attention to what she feels and what she does. If you pay attention to a woman, she gives you love and respect. But this comes with training and repetition.

If we look back in history, great men such as prophets, leaders, and gods of various religions followed by million always talked about their mothers. Did they mean their biological mothers? No—they meant women, whether mother, daughter, sister, or wife. Why do you think they did that? They are all truly our mothers: You live with your woman for 10, 20, 50 years, and she becomes every one you have. You cry on her shoulder; she affects your behavior; she raises you; she takes care of you; she is everything. If you just knew how to treat your mother properly, you would live a long and happy life.

Treat a woman like a person, not like an object; treat her like you would want anyone else to treat her. Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said, ‘The best of you are those who are the best to their women.”

You should be willing to open up, listen, and notice. When you want to air your frustration, don’t forget to ask her about what annoys her. Do you speak with your manager when he is angry about important things? It is best not to do that with your woman. Communication, compromise and consideration are the cornerstones of a relationship with a woman. The most meaningful admiration comes from a sincere heart that notices what really matters: the woman’s values and well-being. The more respect you give her, the more she will admire your values and the more she will be attracted to you and love you.

Words like “I missed you”, “I love you”, “I love hearing your voice on the phone”, “I love seeing you talking to me”, and “You look beautiful in these clothes” are great examples. My wife keeps telling the story of when my son told her that her clothes were beautiful a few months ago. He got special attention because of that.

She might have characteristics you don’t like, but don’t talk about them give her the chance to show you things you will love about her, and share her love. Let her feel that you are always with her, and don’t stop doing that because she does not notice it—one day she will notice and you will be gifted when she does. It is not just a relationship of the present; it is a life commitment. If you plant the seeds, you will harvest.

Act justly with her, and she will appreciate your wisdom and judgment over things, which will lead to respect, trust, and love.

Just as you do not abuse, neglect, or hurt your friends, do not abuse, neglect, or hurt your woman.

My last word for you, my sister, my daughter, my mother, and my wife, a word for every woman on earth, is this: A vase shows the beautiful side of the flower by hiding the thorns, and you are like a flower. You have the choice to have a vase of your own, to live and not hurt anyone with the thorns that you cannot control. Or you can live as a flower without a vase, which is judged by how much it hurts, regardless of how beautiful it is. When your man handles you with care, love that and spread your perfume over him. Let him smell nothing but you and return his love to him.

And for you, my brother, when you return home today, or even when you leave this place, call your woman, your mother, your daughter, and your sister. Tell her how much you love her and respect her, how much you want her to be with you, beside you until you are in your grave. When you talk to her at home, look her in the eye, and give her the attention she really needs. Give her a hug, the hug that she deserves.

A Muslim view on Christmas

In the Christmas of 1914, in that most dreadful of all Wars, German, French and British frontline troops decided unanimously and without consultation with their senior officers to lay down their weapons- at least
ilovejesusbecozimmuslim (120x160)temporarily. Indeed, here and there they left their battle lines to eat and celebrate and even play a friendly soccer game with their enemies*. Would we have the courage to lay down our weapons and share peace, joy, and harmony with an enemy on Christmas day?

What an amazing story. Those soldiers, amidst the bombing and bloodshed, realized that Christmas is not a time for killing or fighting, but a time for peace, love, and goodwill.

How did they got believed in this, is Christmas a normal day? Jesus of Nazareth who had born on this same day, his only credentials were himself. He never wrote a book, commanded an army, held a political office, or owned property. He mostly traveled within a hundred miles of his village, attracting crowds who were amazed at his provocative words and stunning deeds.

Jesus lived on earth for 33 years and never made a mistake in his life. His teachings are followed by Christians and Muslims alike, more than 3 billion followers, and probably followers of other religions, too.

Some follow his teachings and others his values, but every one of them believe in his miracles.

On Christmas day, Jesus was sent to this world to make a change, and he did. He did it in a world that is in constant need of change; a need that was there roughly 2,000 years ago and still exists today. So why don’t we learn from this extraordinary man, one of humanity’s greatest, whose glorious birth we celebrate each year? Why don’t we try to change? Why shouldn’t we follow the path that Jesus laid out through the values he spread?
Let us look at his values, for example, “Love one another” and be kind, considerate, patience, loyal, tolerant, and forgiving.

Let us make Jesus’ teachings into a program that every one of us can follow and, indeed, in my view, must follow.

Over the 365 days between this Christmas and next Christmas, follow the YEAR plan.


You are you, stop hating yourself, stop torturing yourself; you are what you are, you are you. Be you; do not envy others’ lives.


Earn the love of others, earn it and start to make a living out of it; it is worth more than all the money in the world. Earn it with your actions; love and you will be loved back. Stop worrying about what others think. If you continuously judge others, they will stop connecting with you. Just earn their love and forget what they think about you.


Accept the bad things that happen to you as you would the good, as both are gifts from the Creator. Nothing worse will happen; keep telling yourself that it will pass. Each of next 365 coming days will include the good and the bad. Enjoy the good days, accept the bad days, get over it, and learn from the experience.


Remember what you used to forget or overlook. Remember others who care about you, remember your parents, remember those who loves you, and remember the experiences from which you vowed to learn. We all forget sometimes. It is part of being human. Remember to remember.
You are you, Earn the love of others, Accept life as it is, and Remember what you used to forget.
So let us make this Christmas a turning point in our lives and like those soldiers in WWI, decide to lay down our weapons, but not just on Christmas day. Jesus spread the idea of love, and we should hold that idea in our hearts. Jesus said, “Love one another, be tolerant and forgiving, judge not and you won’t be judged.” If we live by these teachings, change will occur. One of the first steps toward change is recognizing all the blessings around us that we take for granted, for example, family, friends, and even painful events. Consequently, we will bring hope and joy to those around us, as Jesus did.

Written by Issam Alameh (me) and Delivered as a Toastmasters Speech Project 9 during a joint meeting between konkan toastmasters and aspire toastmasters club




As a man who crossed the age of 40, with lots of experience, one who had been falling down and standing up for years, until I mastered the art of falling and rising at the right time, I had always been asking myself, was i able to stand-up after falling several times in the marsh of defining what is a true woman?

In my humble opinion, a true woman does not need the perfume to smell good, because you can smell her perfume by looking at her smile, she wants it for those who are blind, may not by vision, but by heart.

A true woman does not need the make up to look good, her smile would open the doors to the hearts, and when accepted as in full, her beauty shines no matter whether she is old or young, no matter what is her skin color, and no matter whether her hands were manicured or not. The inner peace, inner love, her spirit and inner joy is what she reflects and what people see when they look at her, she is expert in reflecting herself on those around her. Even though a true woman is true in her unique way, however she is always at her best when she is the one in her own world and everybody when she is around.

A true woman, does not need any one to tell her that she is, however she need someone to help her find herself and move forward, just show her the light.

The ultimate woman is the one who believes that woman is not what describes her, woman is just a word, is just an alias to feminism

Adam and Eve

It is been said that when god created Adam (peace be upon him), he created eve from his rib while he was sleeping, because when men feel the pain when they are awake, they tend to hate the cause, and the reason of creating her from the rib, because nothing protects the heart more than the rib.

When words comes out

Sometimes the words can’t serve us, when the words comes out from our lips, and slips, it has to go through one of two paths either out or in, if out it will be heard, and if in it will be subject to how we handle it, either we keep it inside or make it appears on our face, and smile.

When you are asked something, the words might slip from your lips, however if you are speaking from your heart, it reaches the heart, sometimes it does not matter how you say it, what matters is how we look at things, and how we are attracted and become attached to it.

When i see a vase

When I see a vase, I see a value that tries to show the value of what is in by hiding a part of it, by showing the beautiful side of the flower, by hiding the thorns, however the life of the flower depends on what is in the vase, the stalk.

You could be a flower, and have the choice, get a vase of our own, to live and not hurt anybody by the thorns, or a flower that does not have a vase and judged by the how much it hurts regardless of how beautiful it is.

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